What is GeeqChain?


GeeqChain is the most scalable, secure and flexible blockchain platform on the planet.



GeeqChain uses a highly efficient, dynamically adjusting, hub-and-spoke network which allows it to handle arbitrarily large transaction volumes.



GeeqChain is based upon a new Proof of Honesty ™ validation protocol, which provides Strategically Provable Security™, effectively, 100% Byzantine Fault Tolerance.



GeeqChain is designed to support an ecosystem of federated chains that can exchange tokens and share business processes.


GeeqChain Explained

GeeqChain is a scalable, inexpensive, and computationally light approach to building blockchains called the Catastrophic Dissent Mechanism (CDM). The CDM is based on game theory and economic mechanism design and takes a completely new approach to transaction validation: Proof of Honesty (PoH).


What is Different About GeeqChain?

GeeqChain has had the benefit of learning from Ethereum which, in turn, had the benefit of learning from Bitcoin. As a result, the GeeqChain platform has been able to solve the most significant outstanding problems facing blockchain today.


Designed for Scalability

GeeqChain’s hub-and-spoke network is designed for transaction loads that exceed the combined capacities of the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, by orders of magnitude.

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The Most Secure Blockchain on the planet

GeeqChains are the only blockchains that offer 100% Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Our validation protocol, Proof of Honesty (PoH)™, paired with our platform, creates a system such that no individual, or group of co-conspirators, has any incentive to be dishonest on blockchains within the GeeqChain ecosystem. 

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Unprecedented Transaction Flexibility across Blockchains

Two of the most common questions asked by people who are curious about cryptocurrencies and customized tokens are: “What makes one cryptocurrency better than another?” and, “Why should I think about customized tokens?”.  Those are exactly the right questions to ask and, in fact, the answers are interrelated.


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For more information on how to customize GeeqChains as a service, please contact: info@Geeq.io