Blockchain and CryptoEconomics 101


Our lead advisor and white paper author, Dr. John P. Conley, gives "An Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin and CryptoEconomics" or read our summary of BlockChain and why it matters


Find out how Geeqchain uses the direction from Dr. John P. Conley to become the most secure cryptocurrency on the planet.

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Designed for Scalability

GeeqChain’s hub-and-spoke network is designed for transaction loads that exceed the combined capacities of the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, by orders of magnitude.

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The Most Secure Blockchain on the planet

GeeqChains are the only blockchains that offer 100% Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Our validation protocol, Proof of Honesty (PoH)™, paired with our platform, creates a system such that no individual, or group of co-conspirators, has any incentive to be dishonest on blockchains within the GeeqChain ecosystem. 

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Unprecedented Transaction Flexibility across Blockchains

Two of the most common questions asked by people who are curious about cryptocurrencies and customized tokens are: “What makes one cryptocurrency better than another?” and, “Why should I think about customized tokens?”.  Those are exactly the right questions to ask and, in fact, the answers are interrelated.


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